• Sugar Beet fuels the European bio economy (food, feed, biofuels, biogas, bio products) Sugar Beet,
    a model of sustainability
    Sugar Beet,
    a local production which supports rural economy



CIBE delegates meet to collect and exchange information, present and discussproblems and to draw up common positions. The working languages are: English, French, German and Polish.






President of CIBE
President of CIBE Board of Directors








Chair of CIBE Economic and General Affairs Committee










 The General Assembly is chaired by the President of CIBE: Eric LAINE (FR). The General Assembly is composed of members and is held each year. Each member country has voting rights. It votes on the budgets and the major policy decisions. 


 The BOD (Board of Directors) is chaired by the President of CIBE: Eric LAINE (FR). The BOD is made up of representative from CIBE countries and manages the work done by each Committee. The Board meets 2-3 times a year.







The Chair of the EGAC (Economic and General Affairs Committee) is Bernhard CONZEN (DE). The Vice-Chair is Dirk de LUGT (NL). The EGAC works on different subjects:


Statistics and annual reports on: the harvest, Interprofessional agreements, analysis of sugar, ethanol and co-product markets,


Monitoring, analysis and management of the Common Market Organisation and its regulations,


Monitoring preferential agreements with ACP and LCD countries (annual report on trade),


Monitoring of EU trade policies: bi-lateral free trade agreement negotiations, WTO negotiations,


 Monitoring of regulatory framework for biofuels and their development.


The Chair of the TRCC (Technical and Reception Control Committee) is Fredrik LARSSON (SE). The Vice-Chair is Krzysztof NYKIEL (PL) and the Secretary is Pascale TYCHON (BE). Topics discussed by the TRCC include:


 Agronomic issues concerning sugar beet growing,


Technical and economic issues linked to the harvest, transport and beet reception,


 Environmental issues and the monitoring of the regulatory frameworks for plant protection product,


 The emergence of non-food and energy uses for beet and its co-products.


It meets once a year (except during Congress years).






The Presidium debates and guides the main issues relating to management and policy definition. Members of the Presidium are elected for two years, renewable. The CIBE Presidium consists of:


President: Eric LAINÉ (FR)  


First Vice-President: Ernst KARPFINGER (AT)


Vice-Presidents: Dirk de LUGT (NL), Krzysztof NYKIEL (PL), Bernhard CONZEN (DE), Marcel JEHAES (BE), Jørn DALBY (DK), Michael SLY (UK)


Director: Elisabeth LACOSTE (CIBE)




CIBE permanent office is located in Brussels, Belgium.


The office is composed of: 


Mrs. Elisabeth Lacoste, Director,


Mr. Alexander Krick, Deputy Director,


Mrs. Agnese Litti, Policy Advisor,


Ms. Emmanuelle Rey, Administrative Assistant.