We defend and represent the interests of sugar beet growers
vis-à-vis European Institutions and international organisations since 1927.

We facilitate contact between Members and provide platforms for information, analyses and exchanges. Our aim is also to promote technical progress, innovation and efforts to strengthen the position and the competitiveness of the EU sugar beet sector.

Our work consists of:

  • creating statistics, annual reports on the harvest and beet campaign results, Interprofessional Agreements, analysis of sugar, ethanol and co-product markets,

  • monitoring and analysis of the Common Market Organisation (CMO) and its regulations,

  • monitoring preferential trade agreements with the ACP and LDC,

  • monitoring of EU trade policies: bi-lateral free trade agreement negociations, World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations,

  • monitoring of the regulatory framework for bioenergy and biofuels and their development, non-food and energy uses for beet and its co-products, agronomic issues concerning sugar beet growing,

  • technical and economic issues linked to the harvest, transport and reception of beet,

  • monitoring environmental issues and the regulatory frameworks for Plant Protection Products (PPPs).


We establish common positions between our Members and joint positions within the sector, in particular with CEFS (European Committee of Sugar Manufacturers). We report on and promote the sustainability of sugar beet growing and provide expertise on the sugar beet economy. We have launched together with CEFS and EFFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions a Beet Sugar Sustainability Partnership.


  • We participate in the International Institute for Beet Research (IIRB) and exchange with other technical institutes.

  • We also have a seat on the Executive Board of the World Association of Beet and Cane Growers (WABCG).

  • We collaborate closely with COPA-COGECA (European Farmers and Co-operatives).


  •  CEFS - Comité Européen des Frabricants de Sucre


  •  ISO - International Sugar Organization


  •  WABCG - World Association of Beet and Cane Growers


  •  IfZ - Institut für Zuckerrübenforschung


  •  NBR - Nordic Beet Research


  •  BBRO - British Beet Research Organisation


  •  ITB - Institut Technique de la Betterave


  •  IRBAB-KBIVB - Institut Royale Belge pour l'Amélioration de la Betterave / Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut tot Verbetering van de Biet (BE)


  •  IRS - Instituut voor Rationele Suikerproduktie (NL)



  •  Semcice - Reparsky Institut Semcice (CZ)


  •  SJT - Sugar Beet Research Center (FI)




  •  Aimcra - Spanish Sugar Beet Research Institute (ES)


  • COPA-COGECA - Copa — European farmers Cogeca — European agri-cooperatives


  •  ePure - The European Renewable Ethanol Association


  •  ebio - European Bioethanol Fuel Association


  •  UIA - Union of International Associations


  •  Zuckerwirtschaft - Wirtschaftliche Vereinigung Zucker Verein der Zuckerindustrie


  •  DG Agri - DG Agriculture of the European Commission